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Golden West Medical Billing, Inc was founded by Edward Rivas and Patricia Ziders with a core set of traditional values and on the principle of treating people right. With a background in orthopedic surgery and medical management, respectively, Ed and Pat built GWMB with the understanding that every practice is unique, and so too are their billing needs. With that knowledge at hand, our services are tailored specifically to meet each client's practice requirements. And while adhering to good old-fashioned business ethics and the belief that excellent customer service can only be provided by dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly people and not robots, at GWMB we also believe that in a world of evolving technologies, financial challenges and aggressive competition, it is our duty to provide our clients with high-tech service and support and up-to-the-minute information using the latest in IT solutions. For this reason, constant innovation and modernization of our services and systems is the pinnacle of our priorities.  

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