Make GWMB part of your practice and see the benefits

The cost advantage

The primary benefits of outsourcing your billing to GWMB are the added savings a medical practice can enjoy. Every year, our services save the average practice tens of thousands of dollars in billing software, hardware, upgrades, office supplies, printing, postage, manpower, workers’ compensation insurance and innumerable hours of unproductive and time-consuming calls to insurance companies, patients with balances and third-party payers. 

Increase in business, productivity, and efficiency 

Outsourcing your billing to GWMB can allow you dramatic increases in terms of productivity, profits, the level of quality, practice performance and more. Practices that handle in-house billing have to spend more on research, training, customer service and distribution of expenses. However, outsourcing your billing to GWMB will allow you and employees to concentrate on treating patients, the core goal of your practice, without compromising the other important processes. This increase in focus will consequently lead to a reciprocating increase in efficiency and productivity.

What’s more, your practice can gain a significant leg up against your competition. Many practices refuse to see Medicare, Medi-Cal or Workers' Compensation patients because of the complexity and high-rate denial associated these types of claims. We not only submit these difficult claims, but we will also help you learn and understand how these insurance carriers work. 

Access to specialized services and people 

As an established and well-regarded billing service, we have developed a close working relationship with most insurance companies and their claims adjusters. This affable affiliation facilitates communication, claim negotiation, and reduces red tape. 

Professional full-time attention is given to your account by our billing team to maximize the collection of your revenue. From the minute a claim is electronically submitted, we monitor its process with a series of front-end reports. And because most claims should be paid within 5 to 14 days, we automatically initiate a claim inquiry the moment payment or an explanation of benefits is not received in due time. By closely monitoring your billing, we can quickly respond to denials, down-codes, delayed payment, or claims gone astray. 

In addition, we help you stay informed and up-to-date with all pertinent billing trends, coding guidelines, policy changes and compliance rules and regulations. As a result, you can quickly implement transition and adapt to most practice changes with ease, minimize downtime and most importantly, keep costs down. 


Modernize the financial aspect of your practice inexpensively, quickly, and risk-free 

Rapidly emerging billing software, EHR/EMR systems, communication and internet technologies are helping health care providers modernize their practices, yet these technologies require constant training, are costly and also represent their own risks. When you outsource to GWMB, you transfer the cost and risk of these technologies to us, however, you continue to profit from their many benefits. Using the latest in IT solutions, evolving security methods, billing software and the expertise of our billing team, we have mastered these technologies and their high-tech tools. As a result, no claim is a challenge. 


Contact us at 310-216-0494 to learn more about our medical billing services and how we can help your practice.

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